Have you noticed your lawnmower is not cutting as it used to before?

This can be caused by the blades being worn down and this can be caused by simple wear and tear from use.  When the blade becomes worn down they will not cut correctly. This then can lead to the grass being yanked/ tugged meaning the grass will not be cut correctly.


The image below shows a lawn cut with you a blunt blade and it is clear to see the affect this has had on the quality of the grass.


So we highly recommend you take the blade to be sharpened by a professional. This will then mean the blade will be sharpened and balanced allowing your lawn to be cutting the grass better than ever. One way to avoid excessive wear and tear to the blade is to ensure you are not regularly cutting through branches or detritus. As doing this will not only wear the blade down but it will damage it also.

Below is a lawn which has been cut with a lawnmower with sharp edge on the blade.