Is your handheld leaf vacuum not collecting leaves correctly? 

This can be caused by a number of things many of them are simple fixes, so lets go through them below.

1) Surprisingly this is a very common one, the leaves are too wet! When the leaves are too wet they weigh more this prevents the leaf vacuum being able to pick them up. It can also lead to number two becoming clogged.

2) Even if the leaf vacuum does manage to collect the wet leaves it can then lead to vacuum becoming clogged either in the tubes or in the fan area where the leaves are mulched. So with the machine turned off unclog it being very careful not to damage the item.

3) If the leaf vacuum is petrol it might be running slightly rough and therefore reduces the running efficiency of the machine. This could prevent it from sucking the leaves up. So we recommend purchasing some new fuel and making a new mixture if the machine is two stroke (READ YOUR MACHINES SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MIXTURE IF NEEDED).

Any other questions please do call the sales team.