Lawnmowers dropping in power and seeming to be running sluggish, can be caused by a variety of factors.

Replace the fuel, as in article, "having difficulty starting your lawnmower after the winter?" Fuel can become stale, resulting in the lawnmower struggling to run. So replace it with fresh petrol, this should hopefully resolve the issue for you.

Also check that you have not snagged the throttle adjusters in some shrubbery or when storing the item away. The way to check for this is replace the fuel and follow the cables down to the engine. You can then look to see if anything has become dislodged or obstructed in the specific area. 

IF UNCERTAIN, WE RECOMMEND LETTING A PROFESSIONAL LOOK AT THE MACHINE. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like us to help you, in locating a local agent.

Increased Ethanol in Unleaded Fuel

By September this year 2021, the UK will be increasing the ethanol content in unleaded petrol from 5% to 10% as part of a move toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

For your car, this could mean decreased miles to the gallon due to ethanol's lower energy content, but what could it mean for petrol-powered garden tools?

It could lead to an increase in customers with carburettor issues as storing petrol with higher ethanol content over extended periods can cause increased corrosion because ethanol tends to absorb moisture.

Regardless of this ethanol increase, we always recommend that our customers drain the fuel from their garden equipment if it will not be used for two weeks or longer, as this could lead to stale fuel issues.

 It is good to note that the more expensive, premium quality super unleaded fuel will continue to contain 5% or less ethanol moving forwards, so customers will still have the choice of using petrol with a lower ethanol content.