Having difficulty starting your Tiller & Cultivator ? 

These tips can be useful for anyone who is having trouble starting the Tillers & Cultivators for the first time after the winter period. So have a look at the 6 step guide below to try help resolve your problems.

1) Make sure you have not left fuel in it for over 30 days. Stale fuel is one of the main reasons we find a Tillers & Cultivators will not start. This is because the fuel degrades over time, one way to prolong the shelf life of fuel is to buy some fuel stabilizer. This will enhance the shelf life of the petrol.

2) Check the spark plug- These can become carbonated and these are often deemed as consumable items and are not usually covered under the terms & conditions of the warranty.


3) Make sure you the machine has not been tipped over- As oil may have been leaked into the filter or exhaust.  This can prevent the Tillers & Cultivators from starting and can mean it can be hard to start on the recoil start. You can either clean the filter but in most cases a new one will be required. 


4) Check the fuel bowl/ carburettor- ensure the fuel is clean as stale/contaminated fuel can cause the engine not to ignite. 


5) Ensure you have filled the petrol tank up and also ensure there is enough oil in the machine.


If these checks do not solve it, please do contact us on 0113 2819219 for the next steps that may be required.


Hopefully this helps.