Here we will be discussing what the different QX cartridges do and the benefits they can do to your lawn. Ensuring it remains healthy and looks wonderful to the eye.


The verticutter cartridge is a cartridge with thin and closely spaced blades that effectively lift lateral growth and remove moss. The way the verticutter penetrates prevents damage to the healthy grass but allows it to reach down in the thatch. The thatch is then pulled to the surface to be collected and removed.


The key difference between undercutting and scarification is the thickness and number of blades. Verticutting aims to remove as little healthy grass as possible.  

Verticutting can be carried out on a more regular basis and is the great for keeping up to date with the thatch in between your yearly scarification. 



The 10 bladed cartridges are made from hardened steel, the 10 bladed cutting cylinder is designed to cut as low as 6mm giving you the golf green finish. 

The standard cylinder lawnmowers are delivered with 6 blades. The 6 blades are suitable for the landscapes that don't require such a precise cut. 




The scarifier cartridges is designed to remove thatch, dead moss and surface debris. 

Its design helps to to keep your lawn surface healthy and disease free. It does this by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil surface. The cartridge features rotating spikes that tear out the dead grass and moss. This allows the passage of nutrients into the soil, with ease. 


For the best results the scarifier is recommended to be used in late Spring or Autumn annually, ensuring your lawn thrives. The scarifying of your lawn is a rather aggressive procedure which may leave your lawn looking damaged for a period. After a month or two your lawn will look better than before. 


The aerator attachment is vital to having a healthy lawn as it allows air and water to infiltrate built up grass or lawn thatch.


The aerator permeates the soil with small holes which allows air, water and nutrients to poss through more easily to the grass roots.  What this allows is the roots to grow more deeply, meaning a healthier, thicker and more luscious lawn.

The aerator even removes soil compaction meaning it helps water move into the soil profile. Aerating prevents your lawn from being starved as their is nothing blocking that process. 

This could be the perfect answer if your lawn dries out. 

Please view this Utube video, to see the cassettes in action -