You will often predominantly see advertised three different types of gearboxes for Ride Ons/ Lawntractors. 

These are manual, transmatic and hydrostatic in this article we will be discussing the differences between them. All three are very good but different ones can benefit different users. For example in tighter working areas.

1) Manual gear boxed tractors are tractors when you have to change gear, you physically have to bring the tractor to a stop before changing gear. Once changed you can then set off again. Otherwise, if you do not do this it can damage the gearbox etc. These are still very effective for many users.

2) Transmatic tractors have gear boxes that are much like a manual gear box of a car. You can shift on the go,meaning greater control of movement around your garden. So you don't physically have to bring the tractor to a stop. 

3) Hydrostatic tractors often come at a price due the complicated components. However, the control on them is often easier and better for many customers. Their manoeuvrability and response time is quicker than gear- or belt-driven mowers, allowing users to easily change direction and speeds. As many Hydrostatic tractors have a forward and reverse peddle meaning easier to manoeuvre around the garden. 

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